Colonic treatments allow my body to re-set and help with a number of issues such as headaches, tight/sore muscles, water retention, eczema and general well-being and mood. I feel 100 times better after a treatment, making it an essential treatment for me. Thanks so much Abigail.

Michael T

Having suffered from digestive problems for years, with endless trips to the GP and various tablets, I can confirm that nothing compares to the treatment with Abigail! She is extremely professional and credible with her knowledge and practise. This treatment helps me focus more at work and improves all aspects of my well-being! Thank you Abigail!


Great welcoming service… As a male I was abit worried about the procedure in what occurs during a colonic but once we started I realised the worry was for nothing. Abigail makes you feel really welcome and puts you at ease. Great experience and something I will be implementing into my lifestyle more often

Carl J

Absolutely Excellent Service – Would Highly Recommend!! I’ve been going to see Abigail at AB Health Colonic Irrigation for a number of years now and can honestly say after visiting Abigail I would never even consider going anywhere else for a colonic. The treatment itself is fantastic and has always made me feel much better as I do tend to suffer with bloating and food allergies, Abigail is such a lovely lady, the utmost professional and very genuine and caring, she immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable which is what you want when having this treatment. I can whole-heartedly recommend that you go to see Abigail if you’re thinking of having this treatment done. I shall be seeing her again soon!

Sara LJ

Really clean and professional, very knowledgeable about various health benefits of various things but not pushy about it – just responsive to my questions. Really friendly.

Paul T

Excellent practitioner. I had wanted to try colonic irrigation for ages after hearing about the benefits but was a bit anxious. I needn’t having worried. I was made to feel totally at ease, the whole procedure was explained and all my questions were answered fully.Abigail has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and she really knows her subject. I was given dietary and lifestyle recommendations which have really helped too. I felt much less bloated following the treatment and other digestive problems are better too. Several friends on my recommendation have also visited AB Health and have been really pleased with the professionalism and level of care that they have received. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.


I felt fantastic after my colonic treatment, cleaner inside and more refreshed. I had been feeling so sluggish and heavy before. I have recommended her to several of my friends and they’ve had great results as well. Highly recommend!! I was a bit anxious before the appointment but I needn’t having worried. I was made to feel totally comfortable. Abigail explained the whole treatment to me was explained and comprehensively answered any questions that I had. Abigail has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and she really knows her subject. I was given dietary and lifestyle recommendations which have really helped too. Abigail explained the whole process and it wasn’t embarrassing at all. The practice is in a nice area and there is a free car park more or less just opposite. Abigail did say that if I wanted to travel by tram it was only a short walk from the tram station which is handy to know for in the future as well. If you’re thinking about it I recommend that you try it. I’ll be going back!

Philip C

I used this company for the Colonic Irrigation therapy and I am extremely satisfied by the high level of care I received, the Professionalism of Abigail, and the benefits to my overall well-being and balance within my body after my treatments at this clinic. I have recommended this clinic to my friends and family and I will definitely continue to use this clinic in future. I believe I got more than I expected for my money as I did not expect to experience this many benefits and the massive improvement to my well-being. I am healthier and feel purified. I was treated with great dignity, respect and given helpful advice and care. My body feels 10 years younger since the treatments. My skin is rejuvenated, I’m sleeping better, my digestive system is back to normal, my energy levels have increased as I used to feel sluggish and bloated. I feel new! Abigail made me feel welcome and calm (as I was nervous about having my first treatment). I will always be grateful to her for helping me to become much more healthier and feeling satisfied and content within myself. The treatment was thorough and was not painful. The facilities are clean and practical. The premises is easy to find, and to score the quality of service – I would give it 10 out of 10.


If you are looking to have a Colonic, look no further than AB Holistic Health. Abigail talks you through the procedure in a professional, dignified manner and fully explains the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy making her client feel at ease. Initially, I was very apprehensive, but Abigail soon made me feel relaxed about it. In fact I was so impressed with the service and results, I have been back many times. I had previously tried other clinics, but much prefer AB Holistic Health, in fact, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Linda E

My constipation has improved so much since having Colonic Irrigation. I don’t have that heavy, full feeling. my skin quality has really improved and I’ve lost a few pounds in weight. Thanks so much. I’ll be back.


Thanks so much. Colonic treatments have helped with my asthma symptoms. I don’t have to use ventolin as often now. The improvement often lasts about 3 weeks.


On Friday night I slept like a baby, and for want of a better word to describe it, I felt ‘elated’ on Saturday morning. I had a rosy glow to my complexion, instead of a pasty yellow one and no dark bags under my eyes – RESULT. Thank you Abigail for making my first visit so comfortable!

I chose to try colonic hydrotherapy after being told by my consultant that my colon no longer worked…. I had been taking large doses of strong laxatives… Since having colonics my life has improved dramatically. I feel that I have a new lease of life and will be forever grateful to Abigail for all her help and advice.


I was so bloated before I had my first colonic. The result was amazing.

I class myself as a fairly fit 40 year old who runs around 30 miles per week. After my first colonic it felt as if I had ‘Air in my Nike’s’. I’m so glad I discovered a professional like Abigail and strongly recommend that you give it a go.

I had so much energy following the colonic irrigation treatment. I cleaned the whole house and still had energy to spare. I feel as though I have a whole new lease of life and I will be forever grateful to Abigail for all her help and advice.


I was apprehensive about my first appointment, but my reservations about the treatment were soon put to rest. Abigail has a wonderful way of making you feel very comfortable. My life style is not the best, to say the least, too much coffee!! I don’t drink water, I eat far too late each evening etc etc. But despite all this, Abigail gave me some good advice, which was practical and has had fantastic results – she knows her stuff! Having never had a colonic until early 2009, in my opinion it’s best money I’ve ever spent! The best result for me, apart from not feeling bloated all the time, was not having persistent headaches (a daily occurrence) You have got to try it! I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t make you feel (for want of a better word to describe it) – exhilarated! 

I was training really hard and my trainer couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight. Then I had the colonic treatment and I started to lose weight again. Magic. I feel so much better. Thank you so much.


I have had problems with my bowels for years due to poor diet not enough fruit and fibre or drinking water and also due to lack of exercise. But when it began to infringe in my life on a daily basis I knew it was time to do something drastic.

I had tried numerous products such as Lactulose, Senna, Ducolax, Chocolate laxatives, movicol up to 6 day. Some offered little relief but most had some side effects which included stomach gripes and also left me feeling totally uncomfortable and chained to the toilet so to speak.

It was whilst on a family holiday last October when my symptoms really kicked in I was left feeling constantly bloated, shattered, windy and extremely lethargic. It took time for me to realise that I would have to try a totally different avenue and I came up with the idea of a colonic irrigation I was anxious and nervous about what the procedure was as I didn’t really know what to expect. So first thing to do was get on the web and put details in for Colonic websites to come up. I’m glad to say one of the websites I came across first was AB Health after reading all of her reviews which were complementary but which i could also relate to as some of her client has the same symptoms as myself I was still nervous and anxious but I decided to give Abigail a call and I’m so glad that I did as she was very helpful and sounded very professional on the phone. I must admit I must have phoned her at least four times in all before I booked just to clarify some of the details with her first.

l phoned a few other places but they were no where near as helpful or as reassuring as Abigail As soon as I met Abigail she put me at ease and I had to fill in some personal details first and then she explained everything that was going to happen step by step putting me at ease almost immediately. The colonic wasn’t intrusive or frightening and it was one of the best experiences I had ever had due to how I felt straight away to say I felt a lot lighter is an understatement I felt more invigorated more refreshed and my energy levels were through the roof.

I recommended Abigail to all my friends and colleagues and since going in November I have been back three times as I can feel when my bowel is becoming sluggish. It has been the best thing that I have spent my money on and I can honestly from start to finish the Colonic was made that much easier due to Abigail due to her kind nature, her enthusiasm and she also gave me some tips about changing my diet which I have now changed too.


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